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Currently the only Strange Cosmetic that does not take up a cosmetic slot. It is also glitched, and is unknown ifAdd me and comment on my profile if you have this item in your posession and are willing to negotiate.I'll most likely end the trade immediately if I receive an offer of something in the 90-95...

Hey Valve, how about a 4th Cosmetic slot? :: Team Fortress 2 General ... Adding another cosmetic slot could cause 24 player servers to break the entity limit of the source engine and crash the game. You already can break it on some maps if everyone goes demoman and uses the scottish resistance for 14 stickybombs each. Volvo needs to add more cosmetic slots - Team Fortress 2 Message Board ... For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Volvo needs to add more cosmetic slots". Equip region - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki The equip region is an item attribute in the client schema used to identify the region where an item is attached on a character model. The equip region attribute (denoted by the value name equip_region) is given to all Cosmetic items and some weapons, and its primary purpose is to prevent items in the same region from being equipped simultaneously.

Team Fortress 2. Plugin Dependencies: ... Currently only gives Gibus to bots, but I can add more cosmetics. Quote: Originally Posted by Cthen. That would be things that can only go into the misc slot. Items like glasses, items that go on the belt, coats, etc. There are no misc slots anymore. There are 3 cosmetic slots and 1 action slot. I wanna ...

TF2 cosmetic loadouts - General Gaming - Off... - Minecraft… Hello everybody I'm here today to ask everyone here to show me your favorite cosmetic load-outs in TF2.These load-outs can range from a simple combination that you think looks cool to a full 3 unusual cosmetic combination. So come on people let's see some great looking load-outs.

What would happen if valve gave players 24 cosmetic

Misc slot item for the Engineer in Team Fortress 2. ... The Brainiac Hairpiece is a cosmetic item that adds "mad scientist" hair to the Engineer's head and face. Team Fortress 2 / Broken Base - TV Tropes With how long Team Fortress 2 has been around, and with how many updates it ... since it put in new weapons, gave much-needed rebalancing to others, and ... Two cosmetics added to the game a fair time after the Gun Mettle update, the ... slot (Melee), while those against it think introducing more weapons to the mix ... Extra cosmetic slot? :: Team Fortress 2 General Discussions 3 misc slots sacrifices the hat slot, and people would want more just to cover everything. Also, the only way to wear 2 hats is to glitch it out in a server, and even then that only lasts until you use the locker or death, which isn't even worth it. 4 Cosmetics slots is the perfect number. No more, no less. Hey Valve can you add more cosmetic slots for tf2? : tf2

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Tf2 More Item Slots - Walking With Dinosaurs Casino Team Fortress 2 General Discussions Hey Valve, how about a 4th Cosmetic slot?If one item equipped in the slot is removed from the Backpack , or the slot is otherwise unused and vacant, and the item preferred is equipped in the slot in another loadout. 4th Cosmetic slot confirmed! - The nostalgic person to person trading site for the Steam platform - TF2 Trading, Dota Trading, CS:GO Trading, Steam Trading and more!